Ottie is a footwear brand that providing a stylish, comfortable, and affordable shoes to complete their customers fashion desires.

Capa Chips

Immitation of dendeng paru from cassava leaf that not does not contain preservatives and vetsin


real time based information system to provide; price, crop pattern system, marketplace and farm development for farmers.


Wasteup is a waste Management that combines technology to build a sustainable planet. our product are 3D Printer Filament from PET waste, and Gamification Apps for mapping trash

Tech Prom Lab

A research and development startup in eco-friendly infrastructure materials.

Pascal Education Consulting

Provide best education consultant to your place; private learning with augmented reality.


DECORA is a digital platform that allows homeowners to be inspired by and connected with home interior designers and buy local craftsman furniture product in indonesia.


AyoMain is the most integrated application for sports, where users may get more people to play with them in the same sport field and bring experience and benefit of playing with new friends.

Beri Ruang Film

Beri Ruang is a community-based production house for short movie and mini series.

Pulas Katumbiri

PUKA (Pulas Katumbiri) is a social crafting business which dedicated their work to develop vocational education of children with special needs. By Having collaboration, PUKA is expected to enhance school capacity to empower special need children.


Smart e-commerce chatbot for every business. Customer service is no longer a problem is crowdfunding platform for property investment. Using our platform (Website and Apps), anyone can invest in property start from only 1 Million rupiahs ($75).


SyarQ is a sharia installment for online shopping. SyarQ provides a fair, transparent, and productive installment facility for employees and SMEs.

ARK Project

ARK Project is a wedding vendors that provided and sells concept wedding souvenirs made by faux leather materials for bride and groom to be in around Bandung and Jakarta.


Leading the health to everyone. The first health sector start-up to use AI to diagnose diseases in Indonesia.


A research consultant for collage students, lecturers, researchers, or industries. Currently, insight focus on economic and business management issues. As business develop, insight will expand to the other research area.

Sukku collective

Established in early 2018, Sukku Collective is a fashion-brand with boro-sashiko technique as our base mainstay, specializing in meticulously detailed jeans collection.

Imperia Dirgantara

Wonderine Studio

Introducing Digiwonder, one stop solution for your Instagram channel. We help you to plan and create content for your Instagram.


Lookout are pleased to present a collection in ethnic fashion apparel. We want to show up our exclusivity about tenun and our modern design.